Sunday, February 13, 2011

Online Pokemon Doujin


The team is called "LAS TIBURONAS" or female shark, play in tournaments neighborhood with lots of trophies, they play only 8, are rather poor in a village of about 1000 people located near the new factory which is called
CHAHUAPAN City Hall Apazapan en el Estado de Veracruz.
The girls would like to thank the sponsors and invite you to attend a game.
I handed the other a T-shirt men's team and I am waiting to send me the photo.
-Carlo Magliano Magliano Claudia

I'm finally able to send you pictures scuadra called''LIVERPOOL de las CONVOLUTED''in this team play like other local kids who come from 1000 miles away and are here to question the job (and in building a new cement plant) the extent of the shirts is perfect! apologize for the picture is not perfect because it was taken at the end of a game and thanks to all those who contributed to this gift.
We'll stay in touch and hope to receive more good news from Robilante.
Greetings dear Charles Magliano


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